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Adelaide Fringe: 13th Feb – 1st March 2015

After selling out at the MICF and the Melbourne Fringe, we are bringing the rebellion to Adelaide. Tres Miserables will be doing a two-week run at The Piglet @ Gluttony from Feb 13 to March 1.

If you live in Adelaide, spread the word!

Melbourne Fringe recap

Our new sketch comedy show Office Party was a huge success. We are working on a new sketch show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival so keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked.

Office Party










The crowds at Melbourne Fringe loved Tres Miserables. What few seats were empty were quickly filled by staff and artists who were all keen to see the show. We are taking Tres Mis to Adelaide Fringe next year, so tell all your friends there!

Tres Mis Season 2

Reviews for Tres Miserables:

‘Not to be missed’ – Stage Whispers
‘Laugh-out-loud hilarious’ – Aphra Magazine
‘My life is now complete’ – Sammy J








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2 Responses to “Current Shows

  • Absolutely adored your performance of Tres Miserables, more so than the original version. Not sure if you would ever be able to release a soundtrack or video, but it would be awesome. Does your company have a mailing list to notify of future performances or merchandise? (I’m not on social media).
    Thanks for a wonderful night,

    • Hi Ian! We are so glad you loved the show! We can email you with information regarding Tres Miserables or any other Seemingly Evil Productions shows in the pipeline. You can always contact us on the email address and check our website for information on any upcoming shows!

      The Seemingly Evil Team

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